Tropical Storm Florence expected to bring strong rip currents

Warm weather is sure to send many to the beach this weekend, but with Tropical Storm Florence looming the waters could be dangerous.

Tropical Storm Florence lastest update

“Keep updated because this is a storm that’s going to be around for the next week somewhere off the south-east coast,” Storm Team 3 Meteorologist Haywood says.

Tropical Storm Florence

Tropical Storm Florence lastest update

Yellow flags were flying high on Friday afternoon on Tybee Island as a sign for beachgoers to be aware of dangerous surf and rip currents.

“There’s a number of reasons we have to be concerned about the beaches. One is an onshore wind which tends to increase sort of the roughness of the water but also astronomical high tide,” Haywood says.

Rip currents are found anywhere where there are waves breaking, typically extending from the shoreline to the surf zone.

So if you see a yellow flag flying, taking the following steps is recommended:

  1. watch out for choppy waters
  2. exercise extreme caution
  3. swim only near lifeguards
  4. if swimming with children, wear a life jacket

Should you get caught in a rip current, experts recommend staying calm. Try to raise your arms and call out for help.

Above all, do not try to swim against the current. Instead, swim parallel to the beach and swim to shore as soon as the rip current releases you.

Tropical Storm Florence expected to bring strong rip currents
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