Top 5 Diva Halloween Costume Picks For Women

If you are looking to release your inner diva this year, you are not alone. Many women today are choosing not to wear the same old boring costumes and opting to go as a diva instead. However, with so many choices out there, how do you pick just one? I have narrowed it down for you. Here are the top 5 diva Halloween costumes for women.

Diva Halloween Costume

1. Princess – Nothing screams diva like a princess! I think there is something about wearing a tiara that feels so empowering. And, with the beautiful gown, you are ready to go dancing all night long with your Prince Charming.

2. Queen Bee – Yes! Another diva costume where you get to wear a crown! Queen bee costumes are very divalicious! Not only are they regal but they are sexy too. Also, the stripes are flattering to so many figures.

3. Rock Star – This year why not go as Lady Gaga or Katy Perry this year? You will be sure to create a scene wherever you go. In fact, this could be a cute couples costume shared with a tabloid photographer!

4. Gothic Vampire – Undead and diva! There are so many ways to glam up this look from makeup to props! And, it is all about the attitude that makes this costume a top pick.

5. Greek Goddess – A Greek goddess is the most sexy, in charge costume that you can pick this year! Nothing screams diva like a Goddess. With flowing robes or short skirts, this costume is a winner!

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Top 5 Diva Halloween Costume Picks For Women
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