Top 10 Underrated Shows On Netflix You Must Watch Today!

Here are Top 10 underrated shows on Netflix, these shows have no one talking about right now, but but you should watching today!

Everyone loves Netflix. From the most popular movies to their wildly popular original series like “Orange is the New Black” and the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” there’s something for everyone. There’s also a whole hidden world of shows and movies to be discovered.

Underrated Shows On Netflix

Top 10 Underrated Shows On Netflix Which You Must Watch Right Now:

1. Wentworth

Similar to “Orange is the New Black,” “Wentworth” is an Australian drama about a women’s prison, but with a lot more drama and suspense. From prison staff corruption to a turf war on heroin, “Wentworth” is addicting. The characters are also so much more dynamic.

Wentworth Netflix

2. Moonrise Kingdom

A couple of twelve-year-olds fall in love and run away together. Set in the 60’s on an island off the coast of New England, the movie features an aesthetic vibe that makes it hard to believe the movie is from 2012! An artistic film that is funny and so sweet.

Moonrise Kingdom Netflix

3. Hurricane Bianca

When a new science teacher in Texas is fired for being gay, he comes back disguised as Ms. Del Rio, the sassy teacher who is here to teach the students science and acceptance. This movie stars Bianca Del Rio, the winner of season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and has other fabulous personalities like RuPaul, Margaret Cho, Shangela, William, and others.

Hurricane Bianca Netflix

4. GLOW: Inside the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

You’ve probably seen the Netflix original series “GLOW,” but have you seen the 2012 documentary it’s based on? The documentary goes over the 80’s phenomenon of women’s wrestling, including the crazy costumes and slightly offensive personas.

GLOW: Inside the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling on Netflix

5. Grace and Frankie

Their husbands have been having an affair with each other for years, and now they live together in Grace’s beach house. This show is so funny, and it’s really refreshing to see a show about 70-year-old women and their issues.

Grace and Frankie Netflix

6. The Keepers

“The Keepers” is a documentary series about the cold case of the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, and the citizen sleuths who go into a church conspiracy to uncover what happened. It’s riveting, wild, and unbelievable.

The Keepers Netflix

7. Girlboss

Another Netflix Original with not enough love. The series is based on the book by Sophia Amoruso, the CEO of Nasty Gal clothing. Sophia is ambitious and never gives up on what she wants, even if it means not having a steady job. RuPaul is also in this series as Sophia’s weed smoking TSA worker neighbor, and he does a fantastic job.

Girlboss Netflix, original netflix, Netflix Original

8. Blackfish

In 2010, Dawn Brancheau, a trainer at Seaworld, was killed in an accident with Tilikum, the orca whale. However, Dawn was not the only person that Tilikum had killed. The documentary follows Tilikum’s life and offers theories on his violent tendencies. It also goes in depth on the corruption and animal abuse of Seaworld parks.

Blackfish Netflix9. Paris is Burning

The 1990 documentary covers the Harlem Drag culture, and it’s a staple documentary for drag culture and queer theory alike.

Paris is Burning

10. Jesus Camp

Have you ever seen a cult gathering? That’s pretty much what this documentary is. Children are sent to this extremest evangelist camp, and the results are pretty intense.

Jesus Camp Netflix

Above is Top 10 underrated shows which you must watch on Netflix today.These show that right now that no one is talking about. How’re your opinion about these list?

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Top 10 Underrated Shows On Netflix You Must Watch Today!
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