Get Maggie and Bianca: Fashion Friends (Seasons 2-3) on Netflix

To whomever this may concern, my petition is a story of friendship and a story of happiness.

Around a year ago to this day, I met who is now one of my closest friends. We met via an online chat service and began talking online. We found it fun to voice chat and join streams of shows and videos on sites like Rabbit, and began watching Netflix movies and shows together.

How to Get Maggie and Bianca: Fashion Friends on Netflix

This is how we found Maggie and Bianca: Fashion Friends. Being two teenage girls ourselves, we thought the concept, the characters and the script were all perfect, and we watched the entire first season within a few weeks. But then, we were stuck. We had no second season, and any websites that did have the next season did not have English dubs or subtitles, so we couldn’t understand the plot. We have barely watched any Netflix since, as nothing compared to the fun we had and the laughs we shared while watching MaB:FF.

This is why we need your help. We need you to help us put Maggie and Bianca Seasons 2 and 3 on Netflix, so we can laugh and experience what happiness we had a year ago. We truly love the series, and we know plenty of people who would love to watch the next seasons with us. So please, consider signing – for friendship.

– Ashtyn Elizabeth/According to

Get Maggie and Bianca: Fashion Friends (Seasons 2-3) on Netflix
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