Kim Kardashian: Princess Jasmine in Hilarious makeup tutorial

Kim Kardashian is barely recognizable after Kandee Johnson transformed her into a real-life Princess Jasmine. 

North West Refuses To Believe Kim Kardashian Is Princess Jasmine In Hilarious Makeup Tutorial

Kim – who it has to be said, already bears more than a passing resemblance to the Disney character – looks uncannily like Jasmine in the final result. However, there was one person who definitely wasn’t convinced by the transformation – her daughter North. In the video, once Kim’s makeover is complete, she says to Kandee: “I’m going to call North”.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star transformed into the Disney princess with help from YouTube makeup extraordinaire Kandee Johnson.

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Kardashian, 37, shared the transformation process in a new video on her official YouTube channel. The finished product of Kardashian’s makeup and costume was a real-life representation of the “Aladdin” character.

Unfortunately, it was not perfect enough to fool the ever so clever North, age 4. Kardashian tried to surprise her daughter with the Princess Jasmine outfit only to be told, “You’re really Kim. You don’t look like Jasmine!”

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Kim Kardashian: Princess Jasmine in Hilarious makeup tutorial
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