9 secrect slim body of Japanese women every women want to know

A slim body is a wonderful dream of every women. Japanese women are also known to have a naturally slim body, even after they had several children. What is the secret of Japanese women natural slim body ?

In day-to- day activities, there is a busy young woman in college, work and so on. As for the housewives, they have activities similar to housewives in USA, among others, taking care of husband, children, house, cook, take the kids school and so on.Like it?  So what makes the Japanese women always trim along their age ?

Let ‘s find out their secret slim body.

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#1. Rarely Eat Fried

Unlike the habit of cooking in USA which always brings fried food, fried chicken, fried fish, fried rice , fried cassava, pastel and all fried foods, Japanese people rarely eat fried foods.

They prefer food boiled, stir-fried foods and wearing only a little oil.This is one secret of slim body in Japanese women, they rarely eat fried foods with very high calories processes. The higher the calories, the faster one’s weight gain. Vice versa, boiled food is much healthier and has fewer calories.

#2. Always Healthy Breakfast

Since childhood , Japanese citizens are accustomed to breakfast. They will cook their own breakfast menu variety before the move.

Breakfast habits with a healthy menu is not easy to make a body hungry. Many studies have reported that they are diligent breakfast is easier to control the desire to overeat at lunch and evening. Healthy breakfast, weight control.

slim body, japanese women,

#3. Not Ashamed Bringing Food Rations

Secrets women slim body in Japan may be influenced culture, one of which bring their own foods from home. There are several schools that provide school lunch menu, there are also familiarize the children bring lunch from home.

This habit makes Japanese people are not ashamed to bring their own lunch cooked at home.Even as young adults, college and work, this habit is maintained. In addition to expenditure savings, bring their own lunch to make the body more healthy because of the materials used and the cooking process is assured.

In addition, avoiding the cravings that are not needed and only adds to the body weight.

#4 . Low Calorie Snacks

Slim Body Secrets woman in Japan was also influenced by Japanese. Women habits like eating daikon or white radish, kombu mixed in soup, or jelly konnyaku, shirataki noodles similar but very low in calories, Kanten a kind of food made ​​from seaweed and of course shiitake mushrooms.

All the food is very low in calories and cooked by boiled, steamed or anything that does not use the frying process.

#5  Measured Portion Rice

Japanese people also like to eat rice as their staple food. But look at the difference. Japanese people always put the rice in a small bowl, their number is much easier to measure rice intake. They also put the dishes in a small bowl or cup.

Their rice portion is less than a side dish and vegetables. What is not hungry ? The amount of fiber in the vegetables they consume enough to make full.Unlike the Indonesian citizens who use the plate to eat.

Rice, side dishes, vegetables, all stacked in one dish. Rather difficult to measure is how much rice is consumed and how many side dishes that come in every meal.

slim body, japanese women,

#6. Often Eat Fish and Seafood Products

Secrets of Japanese women slim body probably is furthermore craze Japanese people eat sea food products and fish. It’s no secret that Japanese people prefer fish and seafood than fodder ( chicken, beef, goat and so on ). The fish has a high protein content.

In some methods of diet, high calorie diet is believed to burn fat faster and safer for the body than if someone is eating fodder.

Fish and other marine products have calories and very little fat. Cultivate habits of Japanese citizens by way of poached fish, steamed or fried with a little oil just to keep the protein does not contain a lot of calories at the same time.

#7. Many Consumption of Soy Products and Know

In addition to happy eating foods that come from the sea, Japanese women are very fond of eating foods made from soy beans.

Know is their favorite food. In Japan, it is very easy to find a variety of foods made ​​with tofu.

#8. Do not Like to Eat Fast Food West

Japanese people love vegetables and fruits that make them colorful diet. So .. they do not really like the country western style fast food with monotone color and that’s it.

A Japanese citizens in colorful natural foods will last until they are older. Their food choices remain diverse and colorful.

#9. Like to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables are always a daily food menu. There is always a vegetable at every meal menu of Japanese society, even if it is used as a vegetable or fruit to decorate their lunches, they still eat it. In addition, they also like to eat fruit. In winter, they prefer to consume fresh orange instead of high-calorie snack to keep warm.

9 secrect slim body of Japanese women every women want to know
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